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Nymphomania Definition And Facts

There is more than one nymphomania definition that people use to describe the set of behaviors that women engage in related to sex. One of the most common definitions is a excess of sexual behavior or desire in women. Another definition that people use less strictly is a person who enjoys sex. Most people will define nymphomania as a set of sexual behaviors in a woman that cause problems. In this way, it is a type of sex addiction that manifests itself as frequent sexual encounters with little emotional attachments and interactions. It is not exactly known why nymphomania occurs, some people think it is a result of improper ability for people to form relationships and bonds.

It is key that nymphomania is only applied to women. The term is not used with men since men who engage a lot of sexual behaviors tend to be labeled as sex addicts, not nymphomaniacs. Another feature of nymphomania is that it normally involves sexual activity with another person. This usually is intercourse, but can also be oral and anal sex. This is where it is much more common to be termed nymphomaniacs because it is much easier for women to have sex. Most women could go to any bar in America and pick up a guy to have sex. This gets them the label of being a nympho. On the other hand, a guy cannot just get women as easily. Therefore men tend to turn to internet pornography and prostitution instead of sex since it is not as available.


A young nymphomaniac is very susceptible to the problem because it normally will take a while for the girl to figure it out. They think that their behavior is acceptable and will be okay in society. Only after time and a lot of experiences does the girl realize that there are issues. If the girl continues to put herself in dangerous positions because she wants to have sex, that would be nymphomania and a sex addiction. People get addicted to the sexual experience. The rush of chemicals that is released is intoxicating and get people hooked. This is exactly what happens in nymphomania. The good thing for the young nymphomaniac and the old is there are treatment options.

One of the first things that a person needs to do is recognize that there is a problem. Something normally starts going wrong in their lives as they figure out that they have a problem. This can manifest as personal as relationship issues. Other times it is a family or a work problem. A nymphomaniac diary can help with this. A record of the problems and the actions can make it much clearer for the person to understand what is going on. A nymphomaniac diary is a great tool that many therapists and sexaholics anonymous members will use to help a person get better. There is no single nymphomania definition, but people can get help with the problem and start to lead a normal life.