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Masturbation Addiction And Sexaholics

People with masturbation addiction and sexaholics can have serious problems in their lives. The problem has become more publicised more recently. There have been some media stars with sex addiction and recently there is a large increase in the amount of internet pornography freely available. The good thing to know is that people can overcome masturbation addiction and return to a normal life. Like most behavioral problems, it is not easy to get rid of the behavior but with hard work and dedication it can happen. There are techniques that are helpful to deal with it and people need to know that they are not alone with this problem. Anyone can get better from porn masturbation addiction.

Masturbation addiction is compulsive need to masturbate and have any sort of sexual activity without others. This is different from sexaholism, where the person will engage in sexual activity with other people to satisfy their desires. This desire is at the core of most forms of addiction, especially sexual addiction. The compulsive requirement to watch pornography is usually a part of the masturbation problem. Masturbation and porn addiction tend to happen together. Masturbation addiction is a behavioral addiction, as opposed to a substance problem like alcohol, or drugs. In a behavioral addiction the high that guys want to feel comes from chemicals released in the brain. While substance abuse and alcohol use have a similar effects on the brain, there are secondary chemicals that play a role and make people physically addicted as well as mentally addicted. As the mind becomes accustomed to these chemicals, it continues to search out sources of that high.

Masturbation Addiction

Some people think that masturbation addiction is not a big deal. This can result since on the surface, masturbation would seem to be relatively harmless as other people are not involved nor hurt. But there is more to the problem than meets the eye. Other people are affected more than one would think. The addict must interact with others and therefore we affect those who are important to us. Also, our behaviors dictate who we are and how we deal the world around us. A person with an addiction to masturbation starts to shift their view of human interaction and can start to have serious problems with their lives outside of the masturbation problem.

People are able to overcome masturbation addiction. The first step is that the person needs to recognize that there is a problem and want to do something about it. This can be difficult to admit for many people since it is at their core. The addiction to masturbation can only extend so far and hurt others. This helps a person to realize what the problem is and how much they have affected those around them. In this way a person with a masturbation addiction and sexaholics can start down the road to recovery.